Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Everything, Alright! #23 - double length catchup

a special double length edition today so grab yourself a coffee, cup of tea, beer or whatever beverage takes your fancy and settle in....

Everything Alright! #23

1,2, I Lost You - Mumbly 
Another Broken Heart - Pale Lights
Delphine With A Purpose - Trick Mammoth
Even - Horsebeach  
Never See This Place Again - Flowers
Cuddles - No Ditching 
Pre Roll - Males 
I Want You Back ( for Christmas ) - September Girls ft The #1s 
War In The Netherlands - Lost Tapes  
Come With Me - Lost Tapes  
Summer Cramps - Gingerlys  
Sea Horses - The Gentle Isolation  
Margo T - The Choo Choo Trains  
Baby It's You - The Hobbes Fanclub  
Scared Of Other Men - The Stevens  
Nice Fit - Unity Floors  
Holy Hands, Holy Voices - She Talks Silence  
Eden - Astro Children  
Lemon Fresca - Sunny  
An Exploded View - Sea Pinks  
Pinky - Day Ravies 
 Sunday - Homecomings  
Josie  - Go Violets  
My Ride - Detective Agency  
You Can't Make Me Make Up My Mind - The Sun Days 
Candy Darling - Mavis Gary  
I'm Not Scared - The Silhouettes  
You Only Live Twice - Elastic Sleep  
Sun Daisy - Sweet Valley Slumber Party  
Sunday Morning - Rain Paints

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As always please help support bands, artists and labels and buy as much music as you can, even if you only sling them a few dollars on bandcamp...everything helps keep indie music truly indie :)

Lots to get through....

More Dunedin ( NZ ) delights today - Trick Mammoth and Males I bunged on about last time and since then Males have released their 9 track mini-album "Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales" ( currently available on 12" vinyl ) via Fishrider Records who will be releasing the much anticipated Trick Mammoth album "Floristry" any day now...meantime there's a Double A single from Trick Mammoth "Delphine With A Purpose"/"Pinker Sea" available now to keep you going.

Seems this is what Floristry will look like !!
It's an intricate web weaved here but Males, Astro Children & Mavis Gary are all other bands of the three members of Trick Mammoth.

Males - Sam Valentine ( Trick Mammoth ) & Richard Ley-Hamilton
Astro Children - this is Millie Lovelock from Trick Mammoth ( and Isaac Hickey ), the track today is from their latest offering called "Proteus"
Mavis Gary - Adrian Ng from TM, our track today "Candy Darling" from the "Pin Me Up" album ( and possibly that's Millie on bg vocals ?? )

There's an awesome looking launch gig for Males & TM on at "Chicks" in Dunedin on Dec 20 - if you're in Dunedin...pop in ( I certainly would ). And as you can see from the poster the lineup also includes Astro Children ( and rumour is Adrian Ng will be up on stage helping them out as well ). "Chicks" in Dunedin is the place to be !

While we are down here in this part of the world a heap of Aussie stuff too - Day Ravies ( Sydney ), The Stevens ( Melbourne ), Unity Floors ( Sydney ), Go Violets ( Brisbane ) & Sunny ( Perth ).

Day Ravies ( 4 piece ) have an album called "Tussle" and Unity Floors ( 2 piece ) have an LP called  "Exotic Goldfish Blues", both are available now from the Pop Frenzy label in both d/l and physical formats.

The Stevens are another 4 piece and have a couple of releases out via Chapter Music, the most recent a LP called "A History Of Hygiene" ( the track "Scared Of Other Men" is from there ) and previously a self titled thang which is reissue of an earlier ep of theirs.

The Go Violets track "Josie" is from their first ep called "Heart Slice" - out now on Create Control Music.

Sunny is the solo project of Sean Anthony from Braves ( obviously also from Perth ! ) ( and also obviously also definitely worth checking out... )

Heading back to the Northern Hemisphere...let's talk about Pale Lights. Aaaah Pale Lights.....the funny thing is the track up today is from their new forthcoming album...I wish I knew what is was called, but the story is this - all the tracks were up on their Soundcloud for roughly 24 hours but have since disappeared....sadly. They will of course be back when the album is ready to go out, the track "Another Broken Heart" on today's mix will be track 1 on the album. I listened to the rest and can guarantee it's awesome so keep both ears and eyes out for that.

The Mumbly track is from an ep called 'Mumblybule" and is from the latest batch of Dufflecoat releases and is an early project of Michaƫl Korchia from Watoo Watoo, which apparently sat around recorded but unmixed for 15 years, but thankfully somehow it's all been resurrected by Gary from Dufflecoat.

And Lost Tapes....aaah Lost Tapes...who sound amazing and have a 4 track 7" coming soon on Cloudberry and also a d/l ep from Eardrums Pop. They are also on a monthly free bandcamp comp called "The Indie Cassette Player" ( they're on the August edition ) - and !! here's a clip for "War In The Netherlands" for your perusal and enjoyment

They are also on another comp called "Nobody's Business Vol 1" put out by Candy Twist Records ( from the fanzine of the same name ), which features an all star cast with the likes of Hobbes Fanclub ( the track "Baby It's You" on today's mix comes from the comp ), Liechtenstein, The Fireworks ( who have a newie available on Shelflife by the way ), The Felt Tips, Horowitz, Colour Me Wednesday and much more....the comp is avialable now for preorder.

Speaking of comps, with a Christmas theme... two things - firstly The September Girls track today is from a Haus Of Pins comp cassette called Hymns, with all profits going to SWAP, a charity helping asylum seekers and refugees in the North of England. 

Secondly Christmas comps wise we have the ( 2 piece ) band The Silhouettes, from The Netherlands....they are one of the four bands who have a 7" each in the "Snowflakes Singles Club" - including one of my longtime fave The Garlands.

Just to confuse you, the Silhouettes song featured today is not from this comp but from their self titled album which is available here...but !!  be warned that page is in Dutch so I wasn't able to figure out how to buy it ( maybe you can ) but you can stream it on their bandcamp

Still on September Girls their debut album "Cursing The Sea" out first week in 2014 on Fortuna Pop.

Also a future album release on Fortuna Pop - Flowers - their song herein today is from their latest batch of amazing demos. 

Horsebeach are Manchurians and today's song "Even" is from a self titled ep of theirs ( and sadly vinyl = long sold out ) but you can grab a digi version on bandcamp. They also have a song on a bandcamp comp called "4" released by One For The People".

No Ditching are Laura, Naomi, Elle, Kate and Freya from ( as they call it ) 'Pity Me, Durham'....and I best leave a description up to them - ( they say ) 'Peculiar snotty brilliance' from the sweatiest basement in Pity Me featuring members of Fashanu, Martha, Jazz in My Pants and Bear Park and Esh Colliery Band'.

And Gingerlys....aaaaaaah Gingerlys.......note the spelling with the "s" on the name .. this is the 5 piece from Brooklyn ( tip: get  everything from their bandcamp )...be warned there is another band called Gingerly ( no "s" ) from Santa Cruz...they ain't the ones I mean...ie it's Gingerlys with an s !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gentle Isolation ( Philippines ) track "Sea Horses" came out way back in Feb of this year and is a free single from Lilystars Records.

"Margo T",  a track from the latest from London's Choo Choo Trains called "Scrumdiddliumcious" .

Ok, turning now to the Japanese bands featured today........

Homecomings - they had the track 'You Never Kiss" on  the Ano(t)raks Soon comp ( btw Ano(t)raks released a great new comp in Nov called "BDVA" ) today we have Homecomings with a song called Sunday which came from their debut ep called "Homecoming With Me ?", released by Second Royal Records ( they'd also previously released a split cassette with Homecomings / Thomas called 'Home Alone" ). In Jan 2014 they will release a 7" of "I Want You Back" by Homecomings.

She Talks Silence are a 3-piece from Tokyo who have been around for a while and today's song is from sold-out CD single and Rain Paints and the song 'Sunday Morning" is from a split cassette they had ( w/ Thee Loves ) on the Bikini Lounge Records label.

The other things you should know are - The Sea Pinks song "An Exploded View" is from a now sold out 7" that came out in November, though you can still get a digi version from their bandcamp. The Detective Agency track is from their latest ep called "Detectius Privats", The Sun Days are Swedish ( from Gothenburg ) and thus far have only one song up on their bandcamp ( you hear that today ), Sweet Valley Slumber Party are from California and last but absolutel by no means least Elastic Sleep are from Cork in Ireland and this is their second release, here's a clip for it