Friday, September 28, 2012

Everything, Alright! #17

Hi again :) 

First up a clip by Alpaca Sports

firstly with the exciting news there will be a Cloudberry release later in the year for Alpaca Sports ( including "She'll Come Back For Indian Summer" ) but also a timely reminder of their current 7" "I Was Running" being out now and available from 3 labels - Dufflecoat, Luxury & Susy Recs.

On today's mix we start off in Austin, Texas for Mini-Dresses ( a semi hush-hush side project of another band with the same duo, whose identity I'm sworn to secrecy on..., but I will give you a clue, the name begins with an "S" ). A trip over to their bandcamp will sort you out with a 2 track single and 5 track mini-album - well worth the journey indeed :)

We have a a few from Japan today - Jolie Joli ( a 3 piece girl group ) with a Lush cover, Civic, and Old Lacy Bed ( aka Tomomi Sadakata ) & Homecomings, (  quote - 'kyoto,girls,indie,guitar pop' - unquote), the last 2 from an absolutely brilliant comp of Japanese bands out from Ano(t)raks called "Soon VA", you can get the comp from their bc.

A few of my countrymates in Some Jerks ( Brisbane ) a track from their upcoming album called "Buddy Rich Made Me Cry" album & Greyjoy ( Perth ), from a forthcoming ep of theirs.

Some French bands - Judy ( from Reims ), who have a free d/l album called "Maquette Maison" available on their bc & Soft Pastels ( Dijon )

Flowers I hope you know & love - and if so I'm sure you'll be watching out for their upcoming 4 track ep on Cloudberry, in the meantime there's a little interim gem of a download from them to be discovered on their bc.

Calm As The Colour are from Fife in Scotland and their latest release is an ep called "Tomorrow Belongs to A World Apart", again pop on over to their bc to get this one.

Triads are a 3 piece from Georgia & Star Horse are from Stockholm and have a 4 track ep out any day now called "Crush", pre-orders and preview track for those ordering guessed it, their bandcamp.

Orca Orca is the alias of Jimmy Hewitt outa Boston, who has a few releases up on his bc, todays' track "South Carolina" from the latest ep called Remnants.

And finally another tres-excellent release coming up on Dufflecoat is a brilliant track from Some Gorgeous Accident, sounds awesome.

here ya go - enjoy :)

•• Post Office Girls - Mini Dresses
•• Breeze - Jolie Joli
•• Day Off - Triads
•• Sometimes - Calm As The Colour
•• Never Know - Some Jerks
•• Origin - Soft Pastels
•• Coastlands - Old Lacy Bed
•• You Never Kiss - Homecomings
•• Marybelle - Star Horse
•• South Carolina - Orca Orca
•• When You Die - Flowers
•• See You Shine - Some Gorgeous Accident
•• Distance - Greyjoy
•• Sealeste - Judy
•• Toilet Paper - Civic ( Japan )

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Everything, Alright! #16

Ya, me again, kicking it off with The Glow Cats from Copenhagen and then a track from the upcoming 7" from Dublin's September Girls I mentioned last time as coming out soon on Softpower Records - also from Dublin are Death In The Sickroom ( a bunch of great demos on their bc page ). Softpower are also taking pre-orders now for the Silver Fox "Capital Kiss" 7" release ( their page says released tomorrow - Sep 10 ).

Then it's Melbourne three piece Pop Singles, the title track from their All Gone album and Post Modern Team and a track from their free d/l ep ( "Where The Action Is" ) from Canata Records ( Japan ).

Secret Beach are a NY 2 piece ( Matt Magelof and Nicole Zumpano ) who have lots of stuff up on their bc.

Grand Resort as far as I can figure is a one-piece ( Andrés Pichardo) formerly of the Dominican Republic now a Brookylnite. Twinkle Twinkles is Nana Fukumura from Osaka.

Olympic Swimmers are from Glasgow and released their "No Flags Will Fly" album in June of this year, and speaking of the Olympics I can't let the opportunity pass to say well done to Australia's Paralympics swimming team, an awesome effort in the 2012 London Paralympics ( as opposed to our Aussie Olympics swimmers who were WELL below par ).

Spook School is a 7" coming soon on Cloudberry ( who also have a Strange Idols comp and a new fanzine in the works ). 

We Can't Help Ourselves are more NY-ers, a track today from their "Make a Mess Of Sacred Ground" which you can grab via iTunes

Afternoon Talk are from Indonesia and today's song is from their self titled ep, which you can grab for free from Hujan! Records.

Another one piece is Twin Cabins an alias of Nacho Cano a Mexican expat now living in San Diego, some nice goodies to download from Twin Cabin's soundcloud.

And finally the beloved Garlands with a sneak peak from their forthcoming Shelflife album.
As always enjoy the mix and please remember to support bands & labels and buy as much music as you can :)

•• I Get Something Done (Finally) - The Glow Cats
•• Green Eyed - September Girls
•• All Gone - Pop Singles
•• Billy No Mates - Death In The Sickroom
•• She Does Something To Me - Post Modern Team
•• Kiss Wink Emoticon - Secret Beach
•• Night Is Dark - Grand Resort
•• Cinderella - Twinkle Twinkles
•• Knots - Olympic Swimmers
•• Waves On In - Silver Fox
•• Here We Go - Spook School
•• Get On The Situation - We Can't Help Ourselves
•• So Far Away - Afternoon Talk
•• I'm Sure - Twin Cabins
•• Open Arms - The Garlands