Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everything Alright! mix #13

Another mixarama for you - don't forget - as they say in the classics - please ALWAYS buy music and support bands and labels.

Get amongst it my friends and enjoy :)

•• Better Than Love ( demo ) - Pale Spectres
•• She Won't Ever Calm Down - Pale Lights
•• Here She Comes ( demo ) - Flowers
•• Summery Film - Daisyblue
•• I Would Never Venture You - Nixon
•• Painted Church - Fine Steps
•• Squirrels ( demo ) - Summer in Vienna
•• Turning & Rolling - Reporters
•• The Picture - Juvenile Juvenile
•• The Last Day - The Deddingtons
•• Say A Little Prayer - Picnic
•• Guide Me To Your Door - The Clouds ( Jakarta )
•• Green Sea - Fear Of Men
•• Waiting in Summer - Boyish
•• Submission - Another Green World

Firstly today we are all a bit "pale" - starting with a demo from French 4-piece Pale Spectres ( hopefully named after one of my favourite Wake songs ) and then New York's Pale Lights  with a song from an ep they have coming out in June on the Canadian label Calico Corp.

Another demo, this time from Flowers, a 3 piece from the UK ( ex The Notes ), they have 2 demos CDRs available for a mere coupla pounds, so get onto it :)

Two songs on the mix from an ep on Canata Records from Japan - from Daisyblue & Boyish, from the Gentle Breeze Ep which is available as a free download.

2 from Cloudberry today - both forthcoming - a 7" ep from Nixon and the second in the Cloudberry Cake Kitchen series from The Deddingtons - awesome prospects, both available for preorder now - also coming a 7" from Earth First.

Fine Steps out of Sacramento, ( alias Julian Elorduy ), who will be releasing "Painted Church" on his own label Song Records in April/May.

Summer In Vienna are out of Yogyarkata in Indonesia, they have their first demo up on Soundcloud and only played their first live gig a month or so ago.

Reporters are from Nottingham, have some amazing tracks up on Soundcloud and it seems - via a rumour the band started themselves - soon to be part of a Dufflecoat comp - a tribute to an as yet un-named band...more on that I'm sure...

Juvenile Juvenile are from Osaka, Japan and will be releasing their "Don't Tell Your Friends" ep via Flake Records on the 18th July.

Picnic are from Estonia and are releasing VERY limited Edition 7" single ( 100 only ) via Shelflife and Estonian label Seksound, avialable for pre-order now. Speaking of Shelflife watch out for a Hobbes Fanclub 7" , a Garlands CD album as well as Goodly Thousands and Bart & Friends.

The Clouds - like Flowers one of many bands with that name - are this time the Jakarta band, recently reformed and re-recording some old songs, which you can hear via Soundcloud.

Green Sea is not about a tin of tuna but the 2nd 7" from Fear Of Men, which will be out on June 18 via SexBeat ( preorders nowski ). Hopefully this time when my 7" arrives it won't be in the middle of an unseasonly wet and rainy patch in Sydney - thus waterlogging the cover of my Ritual Confession/Spirit Guide 7" - which was a travesity indeed !!

Another Green World is the work of Memphis based Alec West, some demos ( including a cover of Temptation ) for your edification from Bandcamp.