Sunday, July 30, 2017

News From The Colonies ep 4

( the radio show version of this )

Intro Theme
Better Without You Now - THE FIREWORKS

Self Destruct Reality ( demo ) - JETSTREAM PONY
Lets Make Some Plans - LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL

Another Sunny Day - STAR TROPICS
Another Rainy Day - TOY TAMBOURINE

The Ballad Of A Powerful Antagonist - THE LOUSY POP GROUP
Sunshine - WAVE AND SO

Leave it Alone - THE POPGUNS

Pure Ideology - ARSENIC!

Tinnitus - SACHET

Soft Alarm - SEA SHRINE
Saturday Girl Sunday Boy - NO MIDDLE NAME

My Problem - SAY SUE ME

No One Else ( Demo )- SKY FACTION

I’ll Love You Forever - TOMIJI


Head Still Full Of You - SOME OTHER DAY

Twentieth Century - THEY GO BOOM!
Where There Are No Stars In The Sky - THE CHRYSALIDS

When I’m Relax - YAWYAW   
Butter Breakfast - YOUTH PORTAL


Summer - PEONIES
Calme Celeste - BEETLEFLUX

Cerulean - SEA BLITE

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Everything, Alright! #35 - back from the yonder

Everything Alright! #35


Speak About It - Radio Orwell
Sushi Later - the bv’s
Water In The Flowing River - Secret Meadow
Dumb Boys - Xenon Superstar
Win The Universe - Next Time Passions
If You Are My Tammy I Can Be Your George - Small Imperfections
Bed Bugs - Brunch Club
Street Lights - Battery Point
TV Food - Tampopo
The Ballad of Armley Jail - The Artisans
A Question for Mr Richardson - Those Unfortunates
Would She Love Me - Closure
Yesterday is Gone - The Cottons
Hateful Summer - Luby Sparks
Wasted Yet Sad - Tinsel Heart
Demon ( demo ) - The Keep Left Signs
Ten Thousand Years - The Jasmine MInks
Out To Sea - Love Parade
Love At First Sight - Marc Elston
Savages - Slow Decades
Foolish Things - The King In Mirrors
Slinky Day - Black Springs
Generic Girl, Your Heroine - Girl, Girl
The Sweetest Feeling - The Perfect English Weather
Wounds - Ourselves The Elves


Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Despite my previous grand announcement that this blog had been retired in favour of News From The Colonies here we are back again !

Was finding it difficult to sit down and do the new thing, given I'd set it up as live radio stream thing, turns out easier to do it this way...

Lots to catch up on. so here we go........kicking off with Radio Orwell from Ipswich ( UK ) from their 2nd bandcamp album ( called #2 ), then the highly anticipated debut lp " Speaking From A Distance" by the bv's, out via their bandcamp or direct from the Augsburg ( Germany ) label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, this release will be limited to 300 copies so I suggest you get cracking !

Then another great Jigsaw discovery Secret Meadow from Jakarta and their CD ep called "Same Old Fear" Then it's Xenon Superstar from Boulder, Colorado off their "Dreams Are For Babies" bandcamp ep, a new CD from Greece's Next Time Passions called "Another Wish" out via the Melotron Recordings label.

Small Imperfections follow, from Stockholm, a new outfit from Magnus Karlsson from The Charade & happydeadmen, from a brilliant 4 track self titled ep. Also self titled is the Brunch Club Ep, from Edmonton in Canada, a 3 tracker from Battery Point ( from Chula Vista in California ) and Tampopo from Denmark, a side project of Kasper from The Glow Cats.

Then we are off to the North-East ( Hartlepool / Newcastle ) for a new single from The Artisans. Then back down to the capital for a single Those Unfortunates.

Two more from Indonesia follow, firstly Closure from Malang, from their Journey Ep out on the very small but great label "let's kiss a secret", whose other release "Some Popkids Are Even Worse" by The Whistling Possum is one of many brilliant tracks on the must-have CD16 comp on Impermeable Records from Peru. Then it's The Cottons and their ep called "It's Only A Day" on the Dismantled label from Jakarta, who have also stuff by Humsikk and Aggi.

Luby Sparks, from Japan,  previously had a tape on Miles Apart & have just put out a 7" on new label called Sailyard. Then the ( deservedly ) much hyped Tinsel Heart from Malmo and a track from their fantastic 'Hey Boyfriend!' ep. Also from Sweden ( Stockholm ) are The Keep Left Signs, who have recently put up some new demos. Also new - song wise that is - but not band wise - is a new 7" from The Jasmine Minks, who are still sounding great.
Then some old and new in a Elston family tree type thing, firstly an oldie from Love Parade, from a compilation from the German label A Turntable Friend called "A Test Of Time", a triple LP ( double CD ) and then on the other side of the tree, Marc ( Elston ) and a cover of The Gist's "Love At First Sight" which is from a ( French ) comp called "Stuart Moxham In The Straight World", featuring covers of various Stuart Moxham bands ( plus one new song from The Gist ).  

Staying up Newcastle way we then have a song from the new Slow Decades album called "Hinterlands" , their 2nd album. A bit further south, well way further south really, in Swindon are The King Of Mirrors and a new single from them. Even further south than that, waay down under - in my hometown so I can say that - is the album from Black Springs called "When We Were Great"

Then we have Girl Girl from Seattle, "Isobar Blues", the ( nearly sold out CD ) from The Perfect English Weather ( the side project of Simon & Wendy from The Popguns ) and Ourselves The Elves from Manila.

Hope you like and enjoy listening and please always buy as much music as you can :)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

new blog - replacing this one

In case you weren't aware I have been doing some recent podcasts on a new project called "News From The Colonies" - exactly the same music I was blogging here but as a live radio show / stream thing so listen in if you like :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Everything, Alright #34

Everything Alright! #34


In My Heart - Coolport
Room For Rent ( Demo ) - Nancy Sin
Hold On, Call - A Certain Smile
She's My Hero - Crayon Fields
Nowhere To Run - Traveling With Monica
Light Blue - Old Lacy Bed
Just Like Them - Alpaca Sports
Not Used To Losing - Love Signs
rtvacado - WHALO
Lemonhead Boys - Jessica & The Fletchers
Duke - Tuff Love
Summer Song - Peaness
QC - TV Ugly
Sunshower - Flowertruck
Awkward Dreams - Thee Mightees

Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Hello once again for another ramble through some indie stuff lurking about at the mo.....

First up we have Coolport aka Silvia, Scott and Tim from Auckland, taken from their Bandcamp Lp called "Car". Then a very impressive first offering of 2 demos from Nancy Sin aka Joey Clara and Nick from San Diego.

Dufflecoat are totally on fire at the moment, including an upcoming All Dayer - see below - and one of their many great recent releases is the CD ep from A Certain Smile ( aka Strum Strum, Pick Pick, Bang Bang, Sing Sing - HA HA ! ), who are themselves selling a cassingle version - if you'd prefer that to the CD.

Then it's a song from the long awaited new album from Melbourne's Crayon Fields called 'No One Deserves You", out now for your total enjoyment from the always brilliant Chapter Music.

Traveling With Monica are a 3 piece from Bangkok, former members of the Thai band The Passion Of Anna, who've just put out their debut s/t ep.

After that we have something from the new Old Lacy Bed mini-LP called "She Daydreams", out now on 2670 records , followed by a song from something I am sure needs no introduction - ie the new Alpaca Sports 10" Mini LP "When You Need Me The Most", as always amazingly brilliant. If you haven't already pre-ordered your copy ( release any day now ) - then you can either grab it from Elefant, Luxury or from the AS bandcamp - there is also a Linited CD version with an extra track ( of course I got that as well ! ). 

If you're in the UK - check this awesome billing for the Dufflecoat all dayer on Nov 14th

Back to today's mix we then move to a great new single from Brisbane's Love SIgns, the third single, so far they have released digi-only but I have a fantasy that one day I'll own something of theirs on vinyl ( this fantasy extends as far as a split 7 with Babaganouj - any takers of the challenge out there ?? ). Anyway I love this band and so here's the clip for said latest tune

Then it's WHALO from Nottingham / Stockholm from their debut EP "Sleepy" followed by the debut full length from Jessica & The Fletchers called "Connecting People" which is out right now from Discos De Kirlian. "Duke" is a song from the new Tuff Love 10" called "Dregs", coming in November and available for pre-order now from Lost Map.

Peaness are a 3 piece from Chester who have a great ep out called "No Fun", TV Ugly ( spelt tv ugly really ) are from Vancouver and have a tape out called "UCLA Yankee Cola" via Alarum Records, Flowertruck are from Sydney ( and I love a good song that name checks inner city Sydney ), "Sunshower" being from their Dirt Ep, and last but of course not least are Thee Mightees from Sheffield, who have been drip feeding us with some great tracks on their Bandcamp.

And to wrap up today's rave, I am busting for the new Ocean Party LP "Light Weight" due here in Oz on Oct 9, a little later OS - meantime buy yourself a Light Weight t-shirt here and get the first 2 preview songs "'Guess Work" and "Greedy" as a download, and finally here is a so called "unofficial fan clip" for Guess Work -

As always, enjoy and see you next time ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Everything, Alright! #33

Everything Alright! #33

No Other - The Golden Eaves
eart Shaped Tamborines - Dayflower
tirling - Pure Morning
haque Jour Qui Passe - Aline
now The Reason - Moon Types
hirology - The Color Waves
early Beloved - Little Faith
ood On The Inside ( I Don't Mind ) - Sleuth
herry Pop - Girlscapade
wilight - Wonder Club
alk It Over - Bodyheat
tanding On The Platform - The Haywains
ere Without U Mane - Yorkshire Fields
aircut - Reporters
aspberry - Youthmemory
ilencer - Fault
hat Boy - Obedient Wives Club


Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Back again with another wee blast of stuff...starting off with a new Joe Brooker project ( based in Augsburg Germany ) called The Golden Eaves - featuring Joe & Kenji Kitahama ( from The Clay Hips, also The Fairways with Joe ) among others - so far just a few random tracks up on Bandcamp but I can sense various labels circling on this band !!! Anyhow seems this is available on vinyl in "winter" ( Northern Hemisphere that is )

Then it's a ( CDr ) single from Dayflower, a 4-piece from Leicester followed by Pure Morning from Sinaloa Mexico and a track taken from their debut album called "The Broadcasting Department of Philadelphia". Here's a little vid of another track from that album called 'Louder"

After that it's Aline, of course formerly known as Young Michelin, and a track from their new album ( due VERY soon on Aug 28 ) called "La vie électrique" - which will be available on a myriad of formats - eg digital wise from iTunes / Spotify / Apple Music but physically on Fnac on Double LP & CD

Then we have Moon Types  with the title song from their 3 track 7" ep, the latest in a string of amazing releases from Jigsaw who are totally on fire at the moment and show no signs of slowing - speaking of which they also bring us a song today from Sleuth off the debut full length called "Out Of The Blue Period" - coming out on very limited vinyl via Jigsaw & Kingfisher Bluez and CD from just Jigsaw - ready to go now on Sleuth's bandcamp.

Likewise with Dufflecoat who after a brief hiatus are now back and firing out the new classics with a split CDr from Reporters and Young Scum plus a 7" ep from The Haywains called "Bobby Gentry' s Tears", and the very latest an ep from Exiles from NY currently at the preorder stage. Reporters & Haywains tracks today from those releases.

The Color Waves track is also up for pre-order now as a 7" from Cloudberry, featuring of course now 3 of the erstwhile All My Friends lineup. Then we hear from Little Faith, a three piece from Northampton with a song from their debut "Long Bright Dark Ep".

Girlscapade are Sarena & Alyssa from Fort Wayne Indiana, who've just released their debut album called "The Summer Tape" - apparentely recorded on the mic of a cassette player ( it ). Equally obscure and also a home-jobby is Wonder Club aka Joshua Grimes, currently working on a debut ep called "Perfect Stranger".

Bodyheat from Glasgow, who I've played before have their debut self titled CD out now for your edification. Yorkshire Fields despite the name aren't from the UK but from Ruston, Louisiana and have a new 5 track ep out on Bandcamp now.

Youthmemory ( Japan ) also have Bandcamp newie available called "Raspberry". Fault are on the always interesting HeyHo! label out of Indonesia, today's track the title track from a CDr and finally the latest from Singapore's Obedient Wives Club, their ep called That Boy / This Is It.

As always, enjoy and see you next time ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Everything, Alright! #32

Everything Alright! #32

Boy You Can Tell Me - Don't Cry Shopgirl
Summer Dream ( demo ) - Maitee
Bruise - Automatically Yours
Lucy - Plastic Flowers
Clinging To The Banisters - Uranium Lake
In With The Out Crowd - The Autumn Stones
Everything Dies - Dripping Wet
Go For A Walk - Five Corners

Mis Amigos Odian Talulah Gosh  - Jessica & The Fletchers
I Keep On Wondering - The Sun Days
Heart Attack - Hideous Towns
Have No Problem - Zzuf
All I Could Do - Pet Theories
Let's Flip A Coin - Tomiji

Maura & Dana - Big Quiet


Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Hello again, I'm really happy with what I came up with today, hope you are too :)

Starting with Sweden's amazing Don't Cry Shopgirl, a track from their upcoming 7" ep on Cloudberry ( that is, after the next 7" on the label from The Color Waves ). After that we have a demo from Maitee, aka Mai - as she says "just a from girl Japan", and then a track from the "The Trouble With The World Is Me" cassette from Automatically Yours ( from Madison, Wisconsin).  

That's followed by "Lucy", the newie from Plastic Flowers, from an ep called "Summer of 1992", a preview of the upcoming ( in Nov ) album "Le Temps". The artist known to us as Uranium Lake ( from Northwich,UK ) - known to his parents as Thomas Rowbotham - with one of a few demosih songs up on his Soundcloud.

Then we have a taster from The Autumn Stones album "Escapists" slated for release on 7/7/this year, personally totally looking forward to that one. After that we head down to Denton, Texas for a newie from Dripping Wet, then back up north to Lake Grove, NY for Five Corners, and the first single from an upcoming album from them.

Then it's the awesome Jessica & the Fletchers, from a new split 7" ( w/ No Fucks ) on Discos Walden, then a new CD from The Sun Days with the imaginative title of "Album", which you can grab now from Luxury Records.

Melbourne's Hideous Towns have a great new 7" out ( so let's play know you'll want to buy it as well ), then Zzuf, who,  despite the label name being "Leeds Records", are from Jakarta - and a newie from them.

Pet Theories hail from Chicago and have self titled Bandcamp album let's hear from them too. Then it's Tomiji, of course the not so secret side project of Thomas from Pale Spectres and finally a new 7" from Big Quiet, out now for your instant gratification from Unblinking Ear Records.

Hope you like :) 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Everything, Alright! #31

Everything Alright! #31

Rumours - Labrador City
Hey Joan - The Stammer
Seadance - Seadance
For Tomorror (sic) - Fantastic Day
Took A Running Jump - Miracle Strip
Love Bludger - Baby Honey
Can't Go On - Finnmark!
Jennifer - Wild Meadows

Bluff ( Babaganouj cover ) - Dinochip
I Can't Hide My Love - Coffee Garden
My Funny Eyed Friend - Starry Eyed Cadet
Abandonware ( Josh and Jer ) - Roman a Clef
Brand New Day - megane.panda
Wolfy - Okinawa Picture Show
Stranger - Moon City Boys

Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

I have a random 10 days holidays - so that means blog binging - so let's get cracking on this one - starting in Switzerland with Labrador City from the Oh, Sister Kollektion #1 comp on the Oh Sister Recordings from Bern. Then a teaser from an upcoming album by  The Stammer from Philadelphia followed by Seadance from Montpellier from their "Delerium Celeste" CD.

Fantastic Day are from Hong Kong and today's song a preview of their upcoming "Kaleidoscope". Similarly the debut album "Magic Milk" from Glasgow's / Edinburgh's Miracle Strip is due any day now. Another debut / official release I've been looking forward to ( ever since bunging on about them way back on #20 ) is "Abandonware" from Roman A Clef, today's track a preview from that.

Some Aussie things today - "Love Bludger" from Baby Honey ( Perth ), "Jennifer" by Wild Meadows ( Melbourne ) and a cover of the Babaganouj ( Brisbane ) song "Bluff" by Dinochip ( Melbourne ).

Beko have just released a new Finnmark! CD called "Things Always Change" and Starry Eyed Cadet have a split out with Pleasantry. Coffee Garden is a side project of Milk FIlm and have released a ( totally instrumental ) mini-album called "A Perfect Day For Bluebird" and also from Japan is megane.panda - today we hear from their 2nd ep.

Okinawa Picture Show, despite the name aren't from Japan but from Birmingham ( and Bath ), today it's from a new-ish self titled tape of theirs. And ending up here with Swedish 3 piece girl-group Moon City Boys from a 7" of theirs that came out late last year.

I say "ending up here" because at some point on this mini-holiday I am planning another 'Fruit Machine" live radio show with looooooooots more to hit you with ( old and new )- stay tuned for that one.

meantime some stuff here I hope youse like :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Everything, Alright! #30

Everything Alright! #30

I Could Be Wrong - The Electric Pop Group
Esperás, no hay más - Candelaria Varela
Hurdles and Rewards - Franklin's Kite
The Situation That We're In - Library Siesta
Gone Too Soon - Lumin Bells
September - Flower Face
When I'm Tired - Totally Mild
Walking Home - Goodly Thousands
วันนี้เรานัดกัน - Wave & So
Alligator - Nevski
Turntable - JuliaWhy?
Learn - Strange Babes
Feverfew - Wallflower
Only Matters When ( Demo ) - UV-TV
You're Gonna Find Out - Big Quiet
Histamine - Eugene Gorgeous
Time To Go - Black Springs
Sigh - Summer Library
I'm Running Without Running - Mitssu

I'll Forget Everything - Screechy Club
A Promise Kept - The Fiction Aisle

Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Yes back for another mix, starting this time with a big preemptive plug for the already delayed new album from The Electric Pop Group called "Integration", which is out "as soon as possible" from Matinee - I check on this once or twice a week and I can feel it in my waters that it will happen any day now !! Based on the preview tracks that have sporadically popped up this will be well worth the wait. Unlike the song title I don't think I could be wrong on that one.

Then we are off to Argentina for Candelaria Varela from her bandcamp ep called "Confesiones de un sábado a la noche", followed by the very welcome return of the Little Treasure label, after a momentary break from releasing, and a 3"cd from Franklin's Kite ( ie Marc Elston, ie The Liberty Ship - the old Sunday Recs band ), with the title track "Hurdles & Rewards". Library Siesta from Sydney ( Redfern specifically) are after that, from a 3-track CD ep of theirs called Honey Love Time. 

Lumin Bells are an amazing sounding band from Liverpool, with a freshly recorded new album under their belt - not sure when this might be out and how - and there are some more preview songs from it up on their Soundcloud, all equally as brilliant as "Gone Too Soon".

Next up is Flower Face from Ontario - aka ( and by that I mean "actually known as" ) Ruby McKinnon and a song from her most recent ep called "Funeral Kid", only about 17 and writes and plays ( + records ) all her own stuff ( her first ep recorded in her basement ).

Then we're back over to Australia for the yay it's finally out debut full length from Totally Mild called "Down Time", available for your enjoyment via Bedroom Suck. Still in Australia, though Sydney this time we also have a track from another debut LP, this time from the JuliaWhy? LP  "Wheels" and also Black Springs, their newie, a 7" gem called 'Time To Go", a follow up to their earlier "Sunrise' CD.

Shelflife have just given us another great Goodly Thousands 4 track ep called 'Sunshine Hair", hard to knuckle down which of the 4 to play today, all great,  but finally after a long debate in my head ( on the way to and from work the last 3 days ) chose "Walking Home".

Then we have Wave And So from Thailand, on the Parinam Music label ( also home to the band Seal Pillow ) and the song called วันนี้เรานัดกัน - which Dr Google Translate says means "Today We Make An Appointment", which I suspect isn't that literal - might be more like "Today We Meet". Either way the band sounds great !!

Nevski are from Paris and we hear today from their debut ( self-titled ) ep. Strange Babes from LA have followed up the amazing 'Holiday" single from last year with a really great debut album, which they are giving away for free "with love" from the band. 

The Wallflower track is from the new Cloudberry Fanzine ( 'The Intolerable World' ) - as always a great read and every song on the accompanying CD excellent.

Then we do a bit of hangin' in The States, firstly for a demo from a Chicago band called UV-TV follows that on the High Fashion Industries label, then the a track from the debut cassette from Brooklyn's Big Quiet.

Eugene Gorgeous I can't tell you an awful lot about, other than I really like their song and that are from York and a three piece.

Then it's Summer Library aka Patrick Kelly from NY, and his track on the February Records 5 Year comp, another amazing comp with a great zine included.

Then we have 2 tracks by Takuya Mitsumura from Jaapan under the name Mittsu and also Screechy Club, total bedroom stuff and I really love it.

And closing today's mix with a band from Brighton called The Fiction Aisle and a track of theirs out on the Chord Orchard label.

as always enjoy :)


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Everything, Alright! #29

Everything Alright! #29

Full Moon, Hungry Sun - Kane Strang
Slumber Party - Lost Tapes
Golden ( demo ) - Mercury Girls
I'll Take You With Me - The Charlie Tipper Experiment
Carry Your Good Name - August Actually
No Moon - Chorusgirl
Double Star - Binaries
The Town Clerk's Views Again - Falling & Laughing
No Common Sense - E'spaniel
Dreamin' - Youthmemory
Everyday - Chook Race
In A Garden - Tam Vantage
Dazed - Farewell Fox
Prince Charmless -The Heurs
So You're Mine - Crumplehorns

Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

( or listen to / dl the mix via Box here )

A quick blurb is a good blurb today, the mix starting of with a new single from Dunedin's Kane Strang, from an upcoming album, then a newie from Lost Tapes, a 7" ep on Box Bedroom Rebels ( limited to 250 copies so hurry ). Then from Philadelphia it's Mercury Girls and a demo from them.

The Charlie Tipper Experiment are Bristolians and a band of indiepop pedigree - whose member's genome includes DNA from the likes of The Groove Farm, The Flatmates, Beatnik Filmstars, Five Year Plan among other luminaries. We hear a song today from their second release, the album "Mellow On". Then we pop up to Nottingham for August Actually and their album called "The Forever War", a CD version is also out via House vs Home Records.

Following that it's a single I'm very much looking forward to, from Chorusgirl, coming out in a few weeks on Oddbox as part of their 100 Club Series ( pre-orders available now ). BInaries is the newest Soft Power release, a super limited ( 50 only ) 3" CD.

Falling and Laughing ( Birmingham ) have a recent ( free ) ep out called "Babygraph" - having also been out previously via Oddbox. Novacastrians E'spaniel follow with a "homemade" demo of theirs and then it's over to Tokyo for Youthmemory and the title track from the Dreamin' ep.

A couple of Aussie things after that - both Melbournians - firstly Chook Race from their "About Time" LP ( and I song called Everyday which I can totally relate to, though in my case it's Pro Tools instead of Excel drudgery ), followed by Tam Vantage from the "Setting Sun" ep - the CD version of this is nearly gone / sold out and comes with a real dried flower on the front. The Tam in the band's name not referring to Tim Tam biscuits but rather Tam Matlakowski of Pop Singles fame.

Closing up today with Farewell Fox, from Sacremento and another free ep called 'Fare Thee Well", The Heurs and Crumplehorns ( from Scarborough - UK that is, not down near Wollongong in NSW ) and a 7" ep on theirs on clear yellow vinyl. 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Everything, Alright! #28

Everything Alright! #28

Tell Me - Talking Bush
The Chaos - Slow Decades
Just Like Before - Beach Beach
eart On My Sleeve - Arsenic!
Adelaide - Requin Chagrin
Joey Too - Talia Santos
Really - Dripping Wet
Chloe's Lung - Foam On The Daydream
Up And About - Real Numbers

Endless War - The Autumn Stones
Silhouettes - Bodyheat
Hold You Down - Love Signs
Chimera - Future Echoes
- Venus Envy
Hangovers & Heartbeats - Roman Charity

Play music.......BUY music......Love music !!

( or listen to / dl the mix via Box here )

Back for another aural mini-adventure, this was meant to be the "Asia Special" but because I am waiting on few things to arrive I've moved that back.

Before we get cracking on today's blurb a little video ( in case you haven't seen it, which maybe seems unlikely looking at Twitter ) from The Orielles; being a clip for "Space Doubt"- forthcoming on vinyl I believe, which came out just as I finished making this mix...wahhh....still check it out and I will definitely sniff out that vinyl when it's out :)

Back to the business at hand, today's mix, which kicks off with Talking Bush aka Nikita Bushmanov from St Petersburg and his first outing called "Tell Me". A great first track indeed.

"The Chaos" is from the debut album called "The Frost & The Concrete" from Newcastle 5-piece Slow Decades. Then we are off to Barcelona for Beach Beach from the album "The Sea" out via the La Castanya label.

Then very happy to say we finally have some solid product from Arsenic! in the form of their debut LP "Cautious Optimism" , an 11 song album which is out now, as either digi or CD. Full of catchy gems ;) 

Requin Chagrin are from Paris and their song Adelaide is also available on the latest ( Vol 5 ) of the La Souterraine label's series of compilations of French music. Sounds good while I wait for Juniore's album....

Talia Santos is from Woodland Hills, CA ( not 100% sure where that is, but then again nobody really knows where Clovelly in Sydney is either ! ) and has also released under the name of Girl From Mars. "Joey Too" comes from her latest batch of demos.

Dripping Wet are from Denton, Texas and only formed last year, putting out a two-song mini-CD ( hand-painted ) 'Everything Grows / Yearbook" mid way through 2014. The song we hear today "Really" was released on the Meditations In Fear III cassette comp put out by Olympic Dreams Records.

Next up are Foam On The Daydream, who are Bentley Cook & D Lucille Campbell from Help Stamp Out Loneliness. The 7" single of "Chloe's Ling" is out via freakScene, and also ( the b-side alternative version ) is on a comp from that label called "FS001- A FreakScene Collection", with a few other luminaries on that comp. Then we head to Minneapolis for Real Numbers and "Up And About", another track on the No Problem Singles Clubs series I mentioned last time.

After that it's The Autumn Stones from Toronto and "Endless War", one of 3 great singles they released in 2014. Even better news is they are currently in the studio working on a 2nd album ( to follow up their debut "Companions Of The Flame" ), current thinking is a possible Spring Hemisphere Spring that is for us Hemispherically challenged Aussies, either way that's "not so far away".

Bodyheat are from Glasgow and as far I can figure thus far have only recorded song up on the interwebs - "Silhouettes" ( hopefully that will change soon ), They have been gigging recently with the likes of The Very Most, Yakuri Cable, Model Village and The Orchids. Here's a clip of them late last year ( supporting The Orchids ) called "New Demographic"

Next up is Love SIgns from Brisbane, with their second single "Hold You Down", here's their clip for that....

Finishing off the mix with Future Echoes, a one man outfit from Kent, from the Sound Waves Ep, followed by Venus Envy who are from Cambridge, "Improvise" one of four tracks they recorded last year and finally we end in Dublin for Roman Charity, another one man affair with a song from their one & only single which came out last year.

And one final video, from brisbane band The Creases - totally worth a mention and because of their record label I wouldn't be able to play a song in my mix without getting into trouble, so just a video. This track is from their "Gradient" ep which came out digitally in the middle of 2014 but finally made it onto 10" vinyl in December - which you can buy here. Meantime the video for "Static Lines" from the EP...which I am pretty sure features Izzy the singer from Love SIgns in the crowd ( or a good doppleganger ) though given Emma from Love Signs was in an earlier video I reckon my science is pretty good...


Thanks for listening, watching and reading and buying / supporting bands & labels when you can, see you next time when it definitely IS the promised Asia Special.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Everything, Alright! #27

Everything Alright! #27

Installation Constellation - Honeymoon
Boyhood Heroes - The Jangleberries
Get Out - Lost Pets
Taking Time - Day Ravies
Line Up On The Solstice - Space Daze
Going Away - Cat Cat
Child Model - Tempura Nights
Sweet Discontent - Tuff Love
Fleet Services - Not Made In China

Small Eye - Mope City
Daisy Chain - Heavy Heart
Occasional Sugars - April Fool's Day
Don't Give Me That, Rob - Brilliant Mind
Distant Night - Territory
Walking Through A Dead Night - Consilence
Hearts Are Breaking - High Hazels
Stranger Thoughts - Village
Creeping - Witching Waves

Dec. 15 - Grubs
You Are A Cathedral - Baker Island

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Hi again and today we start with Honeymoon, a band I must confess to so far knowing zilch / nada / nowt / nuthin' about, except that they are the first band on a cassette tapes club just coming out from No Problem Records, a label from Minneapolis. Oh and that I really like the song "Installation Constellation".

Then it's The Jangleberries, a side project of Martin White from Road Poppies, seemingly based in Adelaide ( South Aussie ). "My Boyhood Heroes" is from their 4 song ep "Top Of The Pops With Murray Walker". Insert your own names as you sing along to this one !

Next up is Nottingham 5 piece Lost Pets and "Get Out" one of three songs they've recently recorded, their wesbite aptly self-describes themselves as "formed in Nottingham in May 2014 following an advert for untalented girls who can't play their instruments. They want to be an upbeat indiepop party band but keep writing melancholic folk pop songs by accident."  

Beko has just released a new 7" single from Sydney's Day Ravies - "Hickford Whizz / Taking Time", and incidentally they are also releasing more Aussie stuff soon, ie a new CD Ep from Cool Sounds plus Vol 2 of the "Peking Tapes - Oz Do It Better" series, which I am sure I will feature here in some form when those come out. 

Space Daze is a side project of Danny Rowland from Seapony, and earlier this year he released a 12 song album called "Follow My Light Back Home". Beautiful Strange have a cassette version of it ready sitting waiting for you as we speak.

After that we have 2 new-ish Australian tapes, firstly from Whalesmouth, a c15 from Cat Cat ( Melbourne via Canberra ), a 2012 recording appearing for the first time now. Then the great "Whine Ep" ( even though released via Heath Wax in the US ) from Brisbane's Tempura NIghts, featuring Alice from Go Violets, Jay from Major Leagues & Alan from The Good Sports. 

For your official video type viewing pleasure here's a clip for Tempura NIght's  "R.I.P Chix" from the ep -

And still on the subject of related clips if you are unaware of Major Leagues and the particular gem of a track that their track "Endless Drain" is, or if you do I know it and know what I mean then check this out....

But back to today's mix, we are then we are in Glasgow for Tuff Love ( 2 piece, members Julie & Suse ) and "Sweet Discontent" from their first release "The Junk Ep", a 10" on luscious white vinyl which came out earlier in the year on Lost Map Records, There is a newie, also from Lost Map, the "Dross" Ep, due out early next year on pink vinyl.  Then we head south from there to Bournemouth for Not Made In China.

Sydney band Mope City ( "Marrickville's finest" ) follows that with "Small Eye" a song from their new 7" Halfway House EP, just out via the Brisbane label Tenth Court ).

 From there it's up to Peckham ( London ) for 2 piece Heavy Heart from their "This Season" tape and to Barcelona for the excellent Spanish band April Fool's Day and their Cloudless Ep which came out late 2013 on the Sello Salvaje label.

Brilliant Mind are the first of 2 Novacastrian bands today, their ep is 'Blyth' and is on Tiny LIghts, a Gateshead label. I know The JAMS did reckon it was "grim up north", to my ears the ep is maybe not that grim, though this review hints otherwise. Oh and any further north ( ie over the border ) and their song might be called "Don't Give Me That, Rab".
Territory are a 3 piece originally from Canberra ( aka "our nations capital" ), now resident in Sydney - as I guess is possibly evident by having a song title on their ep of "Cleveland St" ( street in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills ).

Consilence are from a Canadian 4 piece from Edmonton who have just released their new ep "Walking Through A Dead Night". 

Continuing our unintentional Northern theme, High Hazels are from Sheffield in last 12 months have released several singles, a 10 inch ep and a CD/digital album, you can track everything down via their bandcamp. The picture over there on the left is their 10inch "In The Half Light" which the Gods of The Postal System dropped on my doormat this morning.
Their latest CD is a full self titled album. Those and the earlier 7" single "Hearts Are Breaking" ( on today's mix ) are all on the Heist or Hit label.

Also from Canada are Village, who's "Stranger Thoughts" single came out late 2013 on the Kingfisher Bluez label ( based in Vancouver ), this was Village's second single on the label and I have been wanting to play it for some time now but never got around to it. What cemented it as a definite inclusion in today's mix was the appearance of a baby Kingfisher bird in my backyard this afternoon

being such a beautiful blue colour it immediately brought the label Kingfisher Bluez into my head, so hence finally playing the Village song. Also Kingfisher Bluez will be doing the Parcel Post co-release with Cloudberry when that comes out.

After that it's another gem today from Witching Waves who have just released their debut vinyl LP "Fear of Falling Down" on Soft Power. Grubs are of "super group" / side project type-thingy for Owen from Joanna Gruesome, Roxy from Two White Cranes and Jake from the Basement Fever blog. Their songs are also available on clear flexi from a couple of places ( links are on the bandcamp page for their single ).

Baker Island, another band from Newcastle have links to Owls Of Fun which I played last time on #26, ie members Sean Dodds & Cathy Russell are in both bands. "You Are A Cathedral" is the title track from their 3 track ep.

In closing today I have a round up of some further great listening for you when you're done here

On Songs For Girls to Sing there are 2 recent mixes "Mind Boggling - the songs of 2014" and a few weeks ago "As Long As I Have You" - and heaps of other gems and tracks there as always.

One of the most exciting new concepts for 2015 is Cloudberry Radio, Roque has done a pilot for the new monthly podcast, including awesome songs ( of course ) and a chat with Andreas from Alpaca Sports. 

and last but definitely not least is Psycho Twee's new Indiepop 2014 mix.

lots to enjoy :) 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Everything, Alright! #26

Everything Alright! #26

Roman Pines - Owls Of Fun
You - Clubwater
Fourteen Stories Tall - Pale Lights
Wish You Knew - Pretty Sad
Crow - Pokal
Take Today - Totally Mild
Too Shiny - Sapphire Mansions
Hikikomori - Mega Ogre
Hindering Waves - The Orielles
Cincinatti - Holidaymakers
Left Behind - Heart Noir
I Want To Be Your Cat - Milk Film
Heavyweight - Labrador City
Wednesday ( The Worst Day Of The Week ) - Zipper
Blvd - SMILE
Blue - Haruca Hinata
Growing Up, Not Old - The Third Round

Lilac Mouth - Bad Family
Diving Board - Little Cinema

Play music.......BUY music......Love music !!

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Some more great gift ideas for Xmas today, totes action packed so off we go ;)

Starting today with a Newcastle ( Upon Tyne ) band called Owls of Fun ( a two piece consisting of Cathy Russell & Sean Dodds ) and the track 'Roman Pines' from their CD ep Called "Leaps and Bounds".

Then it's "You" by Clubwater, a side project from Ebbie of Tamonkota, a 3" cdr on the small but brilliant Shiny Happy  Records from Indonesia.

Pale Lights have followed up their 'Before There Were Lights" album with a 2 track digi single "Fourteen Stories Tall / Twisting The Knife". Also only on digi-only single is Pretty Sad, a band with members ( Victoria, Luke & maxim ) based in Scotland and  Denmark, a 3 track ep from Shelflife which is a teaser from an full album from them due next year.

Arne Ellingsen from ( Stockholm ) Sweden releases music under the name Pokal and has just put out a five track digi ep called Five Songs, from which we hear 'Crow" today.

Totally Mild are from Melbourne and today's song "Take Today" is from the 5 Years Comp from the Bedroom Suck Records label, a double LP also featuring the likes of Terrible Truths, Blank Realm, Bitch Prefect etc.

'Too Shiny" is from the Over America album by Sapphire Mansions, their 2nd release ( with a third in the works I believe from my random travels on the 'interwebs' )

Then it's up north to Brisbane for ( 4-piece ) Mega Ogre and their second single, a taster of an album due "super soon" ( in the bands own words ).

The Orielles are a 3 piece from Halifax ( UK ), made up of sisters Esme (bass/voc ) & Sidonie ( drums ) Hand-Halford and Henry Wade ( guitar/voc )...firstly here's a clip to the song 'Hindering Waves" which is on today's mix -

That particular song the title track from CD ep that came out earlier in the year - grab that here.

Also worth chasing up are a 2 track cassette ( Yawn / Deduce ) released last month via Swirly Records ( in York ) and an earlier single called Entity ( after digging around I found that one on iTunes ) ( update : just found a CD single of it as well ) ( and they are currently in studio recording a new single by the way )

here's a clip for Entity - 

Dig ? I sure as hell do....

Next up is a track from the just released Woosh Comp from Jigsaw called "Ten Little Records: The Woosh Collection ", a comp of the various releases on the label and the flexis that came out with the Woosh zine

From that today is Holidaymakers ( from Scotland ), with Cincanatti, the a-side of their 7" vinyl single on the label, which incidentally featured all the way back on the Singles Blog #2 , way way way back where personally it all started for the online world that it is...

Heart Noir is a delectable combination of Tiny Fireflies & Boyish, one of many many many awesome combos on the Eardrums Pop three volume set comp 'Between Two Waves - The Second Wave" that came out earlier this year. I am sure you don't need me to tell you how awesome Eardrums Pop are but these comps are on another level. Too many names to mention here but head on over if you haven't already and grab these little beauties...

Next in the mix is Milk Film ( a 3 piece - Byk, Yky and Kth ) from Japan and an album ( their 2nd release ) called "I'll Remember October", available on CD from their bandcamp.

Then we are off to Switzerland for another 3 piece, also with sibling links - Labrador City, featuring Niklas & Moritz Stettler ( along with Marc Hofweber ) ( who, if he was living in Australia,  would pick up the ironic nickname of "The Hof" ). Today's song is from their "Kiss Hello" Ep. which came out last month, via Oh Sister Records in Bern.

After that it's the latest Dufflecoat offering ala the new 3-tracker from Zipper, a superb 7" from Melbourne band SMILE, one of many great Soundcloud tracks by Haruca Hinata ( from Tokyo ) plus a track from a great ( self titled ) album by Derby (UK ) band The Third Round ( you will need to get that one on iTunes )

Finally wrapping up today with another Melbourne band called Bad Family ( again from a self titled LP ) and last but absolutely not least is NY's Little Cinema and a single from their "Adventure" album.

Enjoy, see you again soon :)

ps there was a 20th track on this mix but it was requested to be removed, so henceforth no mention of that band / label here.